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A rendition of the B-25B flown by Lt. Col. Doolittle on the Tokyo mission. This aircraft was lost after the crew bailed out.
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Doolittle Raider B-25B #3
New profile! - "Whiskey Pete" - aircraft #3 piloted by Lt. Robert Gray
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This is the aircraft flown by Capt. Edward York who landed the aircraft in Russia after a decision that they couldn't make it to China. It was the 8th aircraft off of the Hornet's deck.
Aircraft #8 - piloted by Capt. Edward York
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The 16th and last B-25 to fly off the USS Hornet... The crew was captured by the Japanese
Aircraft #16 - "Bat Out of Hell" - piloted by Lt. William Farrow
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B-25B Specifications and Data:

Manufacturer: North American Aviation
First Flight August 19, 1940
Number Built: 119 (actually it was supposed to be 120, but one crashed before delivery to the US Army Air Forces)
Powerplant(s): Wright cyclone R-2600-9 14 cylinders each
Weight (empty) 20,000 pounds
Maximum Horsepower (per engine) 1,700
1,350 HP at 13,000 feet
Maximum Speed 322 mph
300 Miles per Hour at 15,000 feet
Initial Rate of Climb 1,704 feet per minute
Ceiling 23,500 feet
Maximum Range 1,300 miles (with 694 gallons of fuel and a 3,000-pound bomb load)
Gross Take-off Weight 26,208 pounds
Maximum Take-off Weight 28,460 pounds
Span 67 feet 7 inches
Wing Area 610 square feet
Length 52 feet 11 inches (without broomsticks :-) )
Height 15 feet 9 inches
Normal Bomb load 2,400 pounds
Various combinations of bombs could be carried. Total weight depended on amount of fuel carried and other variables
Normal range 2,000 miles
Crew: 5
USAAF serial numbers 40-2229 to 40-2242 and 40-2244 to 40-2348
Guns 1 .30 caliber Browning machine gun
4 .50 caliber Browning machine guns in top and bottom turrets (bottom turret was deleted on all Doolittle Raid B-25Bs)

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