Support Personnel:

Special mention is made here of individuals who helped the Raiders reach their destination or were part of the contingent that did not get to go. This listing is by no means complete. If you know of someone who helped or can give any further information. Please e-mail us at

US Navy

The crew of the USS Hornet and the other ships that protected the Hornet.

Some CV-8 personnel I have met/ talked to:

  • Gilbert Martin, Torpedo Squadron 8

Plane handler who helped the Raiders on deck. One of few surviving fellows who were in Torpedo Squadron 8 before Midway.

  • Paul McKay

Plane handler who helped the Raiders on deck 

  • Charles Moritz

Plane handler who helped the Raiders on deck. Later got trained as a pilot. 

  • Wade Campbell
  • Robert Wall

    The Navy fellow whose arm was hit by the sixteenth aircraft's propeller. Now deceased. I spoke with him briefly as well as his wife. The loss of his arm was a defining moment in his life and it was a difficult subject for him to speak about. 

    Army Personnel on board the Hornet during the voyage:

    Several more crews were trained than actually flew the mission. Although it seems that each crew trained together it seems that some of the men switched crews in the last couple of weeks before the Raid, and I believe that at least one crew had a substitution within the last couple of days before the Raid. Most or all of these men were taken along on board the USS Hornet along with the crews that actually flew the mission. There were several reasons for this. First, they provided a backup in case a crew got injured or sick, they already knew the aircraft and could help with maintenance, and their presence on board the Hornet meant that there was less risk of an accidental leak about the mission. After the Raid, based on a few conversations I've had it seems that at least the enlisted crewmen spent some time helping the Hornet's crew reassemble their aircraft in a hurry in order to ready for battle, then they had a rather uneventful cruise back to Pearl Harbor. Upon reaching Pearl Harbor there were conflicting ideas on what was to happen to them, and some of the men never made it back to their original squadrons in the 17th BG. Several of the men were quite frustrated at having missed the action, and then were further frustrated at the amount of time it took them to get into action afterwards. 

    This list is probably complete. It is based on a list in the back of Col. Glines book The Doolittle Raid and I have been able to confirm at least the enlisted men on it from a document one of them copied for me. Some of the fellows are known to be deceased, but others may (or may not) still be alive. The majority of the dates of death, etc. is based on information from Mr. Ted Baker who had information on past 17th BG members. Notes are mine from research or emails conversations.If you have more or think you know of other Army personnel on board, please let me know.

  • Lt. James M. Belk, Bombardier
  • Sgt. Leonard N. Hanten, Maintenance
  • Lt. Warren A. Beth, Navigator
  • Sgt. James F Hattan, Mechanic -is still alive. If you would like to e-mail him, drop me a line and I'll see if he is willing to write.
  • Lt. Bert H. Hartzell, Navigator - was living in Santa Clara, CA - died 18 Aug 2009 .
  • Lt. Harvey M Hinman, Pilot -possibly still living in Denver, Colorado... I haven't been able to contact him
  • T. Sgt. Joseph A Lopez, Armament, Gunner -possiby still alive (in Chicago, Illinois)? I have not been able to contact him.
  • S. Sgt. Mike Coloff, Mechanic - Living in Porland, Oregon as of 8/25/2002.
  • Lt. Daniel W. Brown, Bombardier
  • Sgt. Thomas W Hill, Clerk
  • Lt. Heston C Daniel, Pilot - passed away on July 18, 1998.  after retirement from the USAF as a Lt Col. and 26 years of service. Information from his son Dennis.
  • Cpl. Maurice J Hilton, Radio Maintenance
  • T. Sgt. Wendell C Horne, Bombardier, Gunner
  • Lt. Harry Johnson, Jr. , Liaison
  • Cpl. Foster S. Johnson, Radio Officer Maintenance
  • Lt. Arvid E Malmstrom, Co-Pilot
  • Cpl. Laurell E. Julius, Mechanic
  • Lt. James D Mathews, Navigator
  • S. Sgt. Harrison D Lacquey, Armament
  • Lt. Glen C. Roloson, Co-Pilot - according to 17th BG member Ron Macklin he died sometime in 1943. Ron also said -  "I flew with Joe [see below] and Glen and they were both excellent pilots."
  • Pfc. Wayne H. Lash, Armament, Gunner
  • Capt. Vernon L Stinzi, Pilot
  • Lt. Charles H. Sullenger, Navigator
  • Sgt. Francis M. Lee, Mechanic
  • Cpl. Donald H. Arbogast, Radio Maintenance, Gunner
  • T. Sgt. Wilson L. Minich, Mechanic, Gunner
  • Cpl. Louis H. Ahearn, Mechanic
  • Sgt. Joseph N. Baldwin, Maintenance
  • Sgt. Charles E. Reed, Maintenance
  • Sgt. Jess W Brazell, Mechanic
  • Cp. Richard L. Schwartz, Mechanic
  • S. Sgt. Albert S Brisco, Mechanic
  • Sgt. Lilburn N Cate, Mechanic
  • Cpl. Leslie A Sucker, Armament
  • Sgt. Curtis L Cloud, Maintenance
  • S. Sgt. Roy R. Sweigard, Maintenance
  • Sgt. Harry W. Dullinger, Armament, Gunner
  • Cpl. Charles T. Treadwell, Armament
  • Sgto Lowell J Fichner, Mechanic
  • S. Sgt. Lawerence E. Wikoff, Armament
  • Sgt. Robert L. Habben, Mechanic
  • Lt. Wiley M Bondurant, Navigator KIA 16 FEB 1945 - Correction - According to a family researcher LTC Wiley Marshall Bondurant retired from the Air Force in 1961. He said that he'd read a newspaper clipping that stated that he was with the Doolittle Raid, but could not find any other collaborating information. LTC Bondurant apparently died 03 Jan 1992 in San Antonio, Texas, where he apparently ran a private school. Another update - I also heard from a closer family member who gave me similar information.
  • S. Sgt. Douglas P. Smith, Mechanic
  • Sgt. James B. Murphy, Mechanic DIED 21 JAN 1998
  • Sgt. William E. Batchelor, Mechanic DIED 5 MAY 1996
  • Lt. Henry J Sabotka, Co-Pilot KIA April 2, 1943 - Correction - I received the following information on Lt. Sabotka - "My aunt Margaret was married to Henry James Sabotka, and I remember him well.  Today I found your website with the Doolittle Raiders information, and saw that he is listed there.  You have listed him as KIA on April 2, 1943.  I am sure that he was killed in 1945.  I was born in 1940 and have clear memories of him on leave visiting his wife and his sons who were born in September 1942 and September 1944.  I know that the end of the war was near when he died."  - a Relative - Another update - was sent a photo of Lt. Sabotka  with the 42nd Bomb Group at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal along with the following information. "I have a original photo of him from a 42nd bomb group members album that says he was KIA in March 1945. I know he was also still alive in 1944 as his name apears on crash reports. The photo I have shows him as a Captain. I have placed the photo below as it appears in the album..." A further email included the following information: "he was killed in March 1945 over the Netherland East Indies and says he was a Capt"
  • Lt. Joseph R. Klein, Co-Pilot DIED 14 JAN 1998 - according to 17th BG member Ron Macklin - "I flew with Joe and Glen [see above] and they were both excellent pilots."
  • Lt. Louis E. Keller, Co-Pilot DIED 27 FEB 1994
  • S. Sgto Raymond K. Johnson, Mechanic DIED 16 JULY 1992
  • Lt. James P Bates, Pilot DECEASED
  • Sgt. Gordon B. Hansen, Mechanic DECEASED

Other Army Personnel:



Probably some in Minnesota and elsewhere. Also all of the Raider's family and friends.

Honorary Doolittle Raiders

Col. Carroll V. Glines (Ret.) - The Doolittle Raiders official historian. He served as a flight instructor for foreign students during World War Two and also spent time in the Pentagon. He met one of the Raiders and found out about their desire to write about their raid. Jimmy Doolittle asked him to follow certain guidelines and as a reward for his faithful service, Col. Glines was asked to write Four Came Home and The Doolittle Raid. He also worked with Jimmy Doolittle on Doolittle's official autobiography, I Could Never Be So Lucky Again. Col. Glines has also written other books. His works on the Doolittle Raid are a definite must-read for anyone interested in knowing more about the raiders.

There are others, but I don't have a complete listing.

Some of those who helped the Raiders afterwards

John Birch


Many Chinese civilians


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